Saturday, July 18, 2009

Life of D.

  1. Just came across some old story books of mine from class 5th...Malory Towers by Enid Blyton. How much I loved reading them then. I miss my school. Had the time of my life in the last two years.
  2. Most my friends from school are would be engineers or doctors and its strange how I can't identify with them anymore.
  3. A classmate of mine just got engaged a few days back. She'll be married by next year this time. Scary.
  4. Am really excited about going to New Zealand. (Its known for its white wine.) :D
  5. I want to crib about being single. I think, we all enjoy it at some point of time. But, seriously, what does it take to find one descent guy?? :P
  6. Will miss this college for a lot of reasons. The nostalgia period begins.
  7. Where in the world is everyone? Why isn't anyone blogging?
  8. I quite like the weather here. It rains every 2-3 days. Seems like its going to pour heavily today. :P
  9. Saw this documentary called "the 11th hour". Loved it.
  10. Also, started the long overdue oil painting. Feels good.
  11. The only thing worthwhile I do in the entire day these days is going to the gym. Aaaand, its showing. Feels even better.
  12. Exercising is addictive. Its such a high when you run on a treadmill.
  13. A few days back I found out that I was removed from the IAS academy project by my faculty concerned. Honestly, I have no respect left for her. She improvised on my designs and made her way through just for a few thousands.
  14. Also, I think, workplaces involving a lot of women can never be peaceful places to work in. Sad, but true.
  15. Went shopping with my mother today. Got new jeans! Yaaayiii!!
  16. I want to have walnut flavoured melted dark chocolate from Intermezzo. Now.
  17. As I write this, am listening to Kishore Kumar.......and its started raining. I think am going to go out in the balcony and enjoy the weather.

Life's good.


  1. 1. I remember Enid Blyton too! Mallory Towers, St. Claires were the school related stories I loved!
    2. Happens... I fail to identify with a few myself, but my closest friends ended up becoming engineers n doctors, so it didn't affect me that much.
    3. Same here - Queer Feeling.
    4. Take a good camera - The place has beautiful scenery.
    5. "DESCENT" guy?
    6. Still a year to go, for christ's sake!
    7. Everybody's missing
    8. Does feel nice when it rains...
    9. Good for you.
    10. Finally...
    11. It's showing? (Curious)
    12. It's soo exhausting!
    13. That's despicable.
    14. Hehe... and you base your findings on?
    15. Exercising and it's effects? :-)
    16. That's very specific!
    17. Watching the rain does have a very good feel to it. Lovely!

    P.S. Life of D. Rocks! :-)

  2. Hey... you did justice to a post :D

    btw, was "descent" mis-spelt intentionally?

  3. Nice to read everything in points.. Are you sure you can't identify with your engineer friends? You sure write like you were writing an algorithm. :D

    Enid Blyton has a special place in all our hearts, what with all the childhood memories!